The Strapping Lads, a D&D 5e Supplement

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Dungeons and Dragons is full of dashing adventurers and handsome knaves. We see men proudly dressed, robes and cloaks fluttering in the wind. But we rarely see these men’s sensual sides...

Meet the Strapping Lads, an all-male, queer-friendly adventuring guild. Every year, the guild selects twelve of its handsomest members, one from each class, to pose for their fundraiser magazine. Enjoy this roster of sexy adventurers fit for your entertainment, or for adding as NPCs to your campaign.

The Strapping Lads

  • Tarak the Tiger (half-orc barbarian)
  • Rhovan (dragonborn bard)
  • Djoser (human cleric)
  • Farid (fire genasi druid)
  • Ehecatl (human fighter)
  • Durgan (dwarf monk)
  • Cedric (aasimar paladin)
  • Khunoth (goliath ranger)
  • Zerrakas (tiefling rogue)
  • Regulus (human sorcerer)
  • Conalt (half-elf warlock)
  • Antorvir (drow wizard)
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The Strapping Lads, a D&D 5e Supplement

5 ratings
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